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The regulations of protecting personal information

The announcement of protecting personal information

The company wants to inform that we properly manage client's information for preventing the loss of client's trust. We regulate new policy for the officer and continue improving the policy to the best.

Using of personal information

  1. The Objective of Using the Information Received or Protected by Company.
    The company will use personal information for transfer goods, closing the balance sheet, after sell services provided, goods advertisement and new services, activity for developing goods and marketing.
  2. To Transfer Personal Information to Third Person Company.
    The company won't send personal information to third person company without client's permission, but not in case of following the act of legislation.
  3. The Protection of Personal Information.
    The company regulates for protection of personal information and inform to all of the officers. Furthermore, there will be an investigate for following the regulation properly. The company will manage for protection and raise up the measurement of security for preserving personal information.
  4. Procedures in Disclosure, Correction of Personal Information and Expenditure
    Customers can disclose their personal information kept by the company, and after disclosure, if any errors are found, customers can request the company to correct and terminate the use of their personal information. In request for disclosure, customers need to fill in necessary fields in the request form for personal information's disclosure, and mail the request form to the company, together with a copy of personal identification documents (Driving license, Health Insurance Card, Identity Card )
    However, in order to request for disclosure of personal information, expenditure will be charged as specified. Regarding the acknowledgment document from the company, the company will mail the acknowledgment document to the applicant. With respect to the request for correction or termination of personal information's disclosure, the company will mail the acknowledgment document to the request, along with necessary documents.
  5. Contact Channels for Information or Advice on Personal Information Management
    Customers can contact the company to make an enquiry or ask for advice regarding personal information management.

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